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High and middle school athletic programs engage our students and strengthen our school communities. If you want your child to participate, here's what you need to know.

Health and safety

Learn about hot weather tips, concussions, MRSA or download health forms. Read more >


Under Board Policy 6203.H, students who have transferred from a previously assigned or chosen school may not participate in athletics at their new school for 365 days. You may apply for a waiver of this policy: appeal for athletic participation for transferred/reassigned students (English, en español). Students entering the ninth grade for the first time are eligible to participate in athletic activities and are not required to file an appeal.


Proof of insurance coverage is required for all athletes. WCPSS provides limited-benefit accident coverage for high school athletes and voluntary coverage for all students. Learn more at our student insurance page.

Athletic Insurance Information for High School Parents

Athletic Insurance Information for Middle School Parents

Sportsmanship and parent/coach communication


Beyond high school

Student-athletes hoping to continue participating in college should familiarize themselves with the NCAA's eligibility requirements. Intercollegiate athletics is extremely competitive, with a small percentage of high school athletes going on to the college level (information provided by the NCAA). Our athletics programs supplement our schools' mission: career and college academic readiness.

Recommend a sport or a new level of an existing sport

Interested in getting a new sport at your student's high school? We're giving our parents and students the opportunity to share their recommendations through our online Sports Interest Form. You can also request expanding (JV, 9th grade) the existing program levels that are currently offered at the high school.

For more information about our athletic programs, visit the Athletics department page