NCAA Eligibility

    • Essentials of College Math (ECM) is not approved by NCAA for eligibility purposes. However, ECM does meet the requirements as a 4th math for graduation, and it is approved by UNC System as the 4th math for Minimum Admission Requirements (MAR). For more information:
    • The NCAA understands that some prospective student-athletes in the classes of 2016 and beyond will take the current SAT before March 2016 and then take the redesigned SAT later. The NCAA encourages prospective student-athletes to send all scores to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Because the redesigned SAT varies in design and measures different academic constructs than the current SAT, a numerical score on one test may not be equivalent to the same numerical score on the other. The NCAA Eligibility Center will not combine (“superscore”) section scores across the current and redesigned SAT when determining initial-eligibility. The NCAA Eligibility Center will combine section scores only within the same versions of the test to provide the best result for the student. The NCAA will continue to work closely with the College Board for appropriate guidance. Please reference the College Board website for more information: