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Medical Sciences Magnet Program

Students attending Athens Drive will experience:
  • Robust experience to succeed in a chosen health and/or science profession
  • STEM pedagogy that supports learning across disciplines
  • Community partnerships through field experience and service learning
  • Multiple opportunities for collaborative research presentations
Daily schedule integrates choice in multiple medical and health disciplines, including:
  • Global Health Initiatives
  • Environmental (Bioterrorism) and Agricultural Sciences (Animal Science)
  • Medical IT
  • Sports Medicine
  • Personalized Medicine
Culture of Collaboration in daily learning through: 
  • Morning rounds
  • Integral Project-Based Learning experiences
  • Electives supporting medical and global health disciplines
  • Infusion of research methodology

School Tours

Nov. 10, Nov. 22, Dec. 9, Dec. 19, Jan. 6, Jan. 13, Jan. 26
from 9 am –10 am
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