Faculty Directory

Faculty Directory

  • Welcome to the Athens Drive High School Staff Directory page. If you know the department, last name, or position of the teacher you are trying to locate, use the drop down menu, alphabetically, to select their information. If you are unsure of any of the information, simply hit submit and all Athens Drive High School staff will appear.

  • Administration

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Patricia Abel Assistant Principal pabel@wcpss.net
    Jeremy Parrish Assistant Principal jparrish@wcpss.net
    Andria Johnson Assistant Principal ajohnson11@wcpss.net
    Steven Katz Assistant Principal skatz@wcpss.net
    Theron Stallworth Assistant Principal tstallworth@wcpss.net
    Stephen Mares Principal smares@wcpss.net
  • Office Staff

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Kim Acord Lead Secretary kacord@wcpss.net
    Laurie Pappadake Data Manager lpappadake@wcpss.net
    Karla Jenkins Front Office kjenkins2@wcpss.net
    Sue Triesh Front Office striesh@wcpss.net
    Madeline Guzman Bookkeeper mguzman@wcpss.net
    Michael SanGiacomo Attendance msangiacomo@wcpss.net

  • Counseling and Student Services

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Kendall Boothe Counselor kboothe@wcpss.net
    Teresa Brown Dean of Students tbrown3@wcpss.net
    Ana Carrillo Receptionist acarrillo@wcpss.net
    Cheryl Hegarty Counselor chegarty@wcpss.net
    Patrice Sidney Registrar psidney@wcpss.net
    Shernita Telfair Counselor stelfair@wcpss.net
    Dean Wright Counselor jwright@wcpss.net
    Kevin Neiley SAP Counselor kneiley@wcpss.net

  • Career and Technical Eduation - CTE

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Glenn Bass IMC wbass2@wcpss.net
    Cathy Beavers Teacher, Co-Chair cbeavers@wcpss.net
    Elna Benbow Teacher ebenbow@wcpss.net
    Jackie Berg Teacher jberg@wcpss.net
    Wes Burt Teacher eburt@wcpss.net
    Chris Credle Teacher ccredle@wcpss.net
    Savannah Currens Teacher scurrens@wcpss.net
    Ed Deadmon Teacher edeadmon@wcpss.net
    Juatina Dunham Teacher jdunham@wcpss.net
    Paulette Hicks Child Development Center phicks@wcpss.net
    Jewell Hughes TA Child Development Center jshughes@wcpss.net
    Jennifer Hulsey Teacher jhulsey@wcpss.net
    Adria Jones Teacher ajones12@wcpss.net
    Lori Lair Teacher llair@wcpss.net
    Elizabeth Luna Teacher, Co-Chair eluna@wcpss.net
    Will Nassif Teacher wnassif@wcpss.net
    Sandra Nato Teacher snato@wcpss.net
    Janett Packett Teacher jpackett@wcpss.net
    Dawn Parks Teacher dparks@wcpss.net
    Carl Robbins Teacher crobbins2@wcpss.net
    Tori Seese Special Populations Coordinator vseese@wcpss.net
    Ryan Sickles Teacher rsickles@wcpss.net
    Ostine Swan TA Child Development Center oswan@wcpss.net
    Kristin Worrell Teacher kworrell@wcpss.net

  • English

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Susan Connor Teacher sconnor3@wcpss.net
    Jennifer Dutton Teacher jdutton@wcpss.net
    Grady Elrod Teacher gelrod@wcpss.net
    Andi Faircloth Teacher afaircloth@wcpss.net
    Nicole Goins Teacher ngoins2@wcpss.net
    Jody Herring Teacher jherring@wcpss.net
    Trish Hornick Teacher, Co-Chair phornick@wcpss.net
    Tiffany Johnson Teacher tjohnson11@wcpss.net
    Susan Lucas Teacher, Co-Chair slucas@wcpss.net
    Barry Peters Teacher bpeters2@wcpss.net
    Rachel Surles Teacher rsurles@wcpss.net
    Ashley Turner Teacher aturner5@wcpss.net
    Alexander Warren Teacher awarren@wcpss.net

  • ESL

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Maria Castro Teacher mcastro@wcpss.net
    Hal Hammond Teacher hhammond@wcpss.net
    Michelle Swain Teacher mswain@wcpss.net
    Renata Delaney Teacher rdelaney@wcpss.net

  • Foreign Language

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Juan Carlos Bravo-Martin Teacher jbravomartin@wcpss.net
    Barbara Duvall Teacher bduvall@wcpss.net
    Maureen Jewett Teacher mjewett@wcpss.net
    James Malloy Teacher jmalloy@wcpss.net
    Stacy Nordquist Teacher snordquist@wcpss.net
    Daniela Oseguada Teacher dosegueda@wcpss.net
    Dulce Rodriguez-Wester Teacher drodriguez-wester@wcpss.net
    Mike Seguin Teacher mseguin@wcpss.net

  • School Support Staff

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Tanya Hinton Magnet Coordinator tchinton@wcpss.net
    Jennifer Lowry Literacy Coach jlowry@wcpss.net
    Christopher Martin Gradpoint cmartin1@wcpss.net
    Jimmy Ray ISS/ASD jdray@wcpss.net
    Allyson Stephenson Intervention Coordinator astephenson4@wcpss.net
    Carolyn White Alternative Learning Center cwhite5@wcpss.net
    Abbey Wood STEM Coordinator awood3@wcpss.net
    Michael Wood Technology Facilitator mwood2@wcpss.net
    Brian Shaffer Intervention bshaffer@wcpss.net
  • Media Center

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Bill Mulvey Media Center bmulvey@wcpss.net
    Kerri-Ann Ruthven Media Center kruthven@wcpss.net

  • Mathematics

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Sandy Childrey Teacher schildrey@wcpss.net
    Angela Clarke Teacher aclarke@wcpss.net
    Joey Flory Teacher jflory@wcpss.net
    Ginger Harrell Teacher, Co-Chair gharrell@wcpss.net
    Brittany Morrison Teacher bmorrison3@wcpss.net
    Elizabeth Logsdon Teacher elogsdon2@wcpss.net
    Scott Maxwell Teacher smaxwell@wcpss.net
    Katlyn Mothorpe Teacher kmothorpe@wcpss.net
    John Pritchett Teacher, Co-Chair jpritchett@wcpss.net
    Chris Remaley Teacher cremaley@wcpss.net
    Rachel Shelton Teacher rshelton2@wcpss.net
    Madison Shope Teacher mshope@wcpss.net
    Mike Wood Teacher mwood2@wcpss.net
    Meredith Bawden Teacher mbawden2@wcpss.net
    Taylor Cesarski Teacher tcesarski@wcpss.net
    Taylor Webster Teacher twebster@wcpss.net

  • Physical Education

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Robert Clemons Teacher rclemons@wcpss.net
    Jeremy Fullbright Teacher jfullbright@wcpss.net
    Cyrene Hardy Teacher chardy@wcpss.net
    Drew Phillips Teacher tphillips@wcpss.net
    Emily Smith Teacher esmith6@wcpss.net
    Robbie St. John Teacher wstjohn@wcpss.net
    Meryssa Wacholder Teacher mwacholder@wcpss.net

  • Science

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Shane Barry Teacher sbarry@wcpss.net
    Shannon Burleson Teacher sburleson2@wcpss.net
    Logan Caldwell Teacher lcaldwell3@wcpss.net
    Kimberly Clay Teacher kclay1@wcpss.net
    April Jones Teacher agrissom@wcpss.net
    Heather Hafer Teacher hhafer@wcpss.net
    Emili Hall Teacher ehall@wcpss.net
    Melissa Hunt Teacher mhunt@wcpss.net
    Ross Kennel Teacher rkennel@wcpss.net
    Lauren Pipal Teacher lpipal@wcpss.net
    Travis Seese Teacher, Co-Chair tseese@wcpss.net
    Sherry Wantz Teacher, Co-Chair swantz@wcpss.net
    Abbey Wood Teacher awood3@wcpss.net
    Chelsea Wetherby Teacher cwetherby@wcpss.net

  • Social Studies

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Jim Bahm Teacher jbahm@wcpss.net
    Conner Bayer Teacher cbayer@wcpss.net
    Jessica Crooks Teacher jcrooks3@wcpss.net
    Leigh Ann Frazier Teacher lfrazier@wcpss.net
    Shavonne Hairston Teacher shairston@wcpss.net
    Brian Harrington Teacher bharrington1@wcpss.net
    Alicia Hatmaker Teacher ahatmaker@wcpss.net
    Sarah Shouse Teacher sshouse@wcpss.net
    Dan Hrehor Teacher dhrehor@wcpss.net
    Trena Kirby Teacher tkirby2@wcpss.net
    Jonathon Pugh Teacher jpugh2@wcpss.net
    Michael Robbins Teacher mrobbins@wcpss.net
    Ryan Westbrook Teacher wwestbrook@wcpss.net
    Jenny Williams Teacher jywilliams@wcpss.net

  • Special Programs

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Paul Adams Interpreter padams2@wcpss.net
    Cindy Balmer Teacher's Assistant cbalmer@wcpss.net
    Mark Barnett Teacher's Assistant mbarnett2@wcpss.net
    Lauren Barrett Teacher lbarrett4@wcpss.net
    Diane Bell Teacher's Assistant dbell3@wcpss.net
    Karen Chiavacci Teacher's Assistant kchiavacci@wcpss.net
    Kim Clark Teacher's Assistant kclark2@wcpss.net
    John Conerly Teacher's Assistant
    Stephanie Davis Teacher's Assistant sdavis8@wcpss.net
    Mary Evans-Garrett Interpreter mgarrett@wcpss.net
    Melissa Everly-Kosek Teacher meverly-kosek@wcpss.net
    Calvin Finch Teacher's Assistant cfinch@wcpss.net
    Nicole Fischer Teacher's Assistant nfischer@wcpss.net
    Patrick Florio Teacher pflorio@wcpss.net
    Ellen Gattens Teacher's Assistant
    Ben Goudeau Teacher bgoudeau@wcpss.net
    Larry Grant Teacher's Assistant lgrant@wcpss.net
    Wendy Hardy Teacher's Assistant whardy@wcpss.net
    Chris Harmon Teacher charmon2@wcpss.net
    Tammie Hayes Interpreter thayes@wcpss.net
    Lolita Highsmith Teacher's Assistant lhighsmith@wcpss.net
    Kelly Hodgins Teacher khodgins@wcpss.net
    Lori Hrehor Teacher lhrehor@wcpss.net
    Joshua Hudson-Bonner Teacher's Assistant jhudson-bonner@wcpss.net
    Cassandra Hudson-Sutton Teacher chudson-sutton@wcpss.net
    Jason Hunning Teacher jhunning@wcpss.net
    Keith Jewett Teacher kjewett@wcpss.net
    Laura Kirks Interpreter lkirks1@wcpss.net
    Justin Kulow Teacher jkulow@wcpss.net
    Aaron Lesane Teacher's Assistant alesane@wcpss.net
    Kristel Lewis Teacher klewis@wcpss.net
    Guy Limato Teacher's Assistant glimato@wcpss.net
    Mike Morey Teacher tmorey@wcpss.net
    Sheila Nedoma Teacher snedoma@wcpss.net
    Adrian Outlaw Teacher's Assistant aoutlaw@wcpss.net
    Angela Parks Teacher's Assistant aparks1@wcpss.net
    Diane Pexton Teacher dpexton@wcpss.net
    Crystal Pittman Teacher cpittman@wcpss.net
    Elizabeth Ray Teacher eray@wcpss.net
    Jennifer Richardson Teacher jrichardson@wcpss.net
    Dann Rockwell Teacher drockwell@wcpsss.net
    Susan Runyon Interpreter srunyon@wcpss.net
    Anthony Saunders Teacher asaunders@wcpss.net
    Haley Shaw Interpreter ashaw2@wcpss.net
    Thomas Swearingen Teacher's Assistant tswearingen@wcpss.net
    Gene Thomas Teacher's Assistant gthomas2@wcpss.net
    Jenny Wagoner Teacher's Assistant jwagoner@wcpss.net
    Rashaun Watson Teacher's Assistant rwatson2@wcpss.net
    Linda Woodhouse Teacher's Assistant lwoodhouse@wcpss.net
    Pam Wright-Smith Teacher pwright-smith@wcpss.net

  • Visual and Performing Arts

    First Name Last Name Position E-Mail
    Tara Culbreth Teacher tculbreth@wcpss.net
    Ashlyn Hayes Teacher ahayes3@wcpss.net
    Farrall Hilton Teacher fhilton@wcpss.net
    Jerry Markoch Teacher jmarkoch@wcpss.net
    Thomas Volkman Teacher tvolkman@wcpss.net
    Michael Santangelo Teacher