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Digital Resources

Parental permission is required in order for your student to access technology and digital resources at school. The Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) uses a variety of technology and digital resources to enable and enhance instruction. With permission, students may use physical devices, including but not limited to, computers, tablets, iPads, and iPods (all of which allow some degree of Internet access.) Students may also access web-based applications to create, review, store, share and potentially post their work on the Internet. Examples of these tools include, but are not limited to Google Apps for Education (not Gmail), SAS Curriculum Pathways, and WCPSS student E-Mail (K-5 at the principal's request) . In addition, student information and student work may be maintained by and stored on web-based instructional sites and applications. Not all tools are used at all grade levels.

WCPSS has several processes in place to protect students while using technology and digital resources. Students are educated every year about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and cyber bullying awareness and response. The district also uses Internet filters to remove most harmful content. Students' Internet activity and e-mail communications may be monitored by school personnel.

Students are expected to use technology and digital resources under their teacher's direction for educational purposes only in accordance with Board Policy 3225 and 3225 R&P.
  • You may grant permission for your student to access technology and digital resources. You should select this option if you want your student to use computers, tablets, etc. and be allowed to access web-based curriculum tools. Your permission grants WCPSS the right to create a WakeID necessary to access web-based instructional tools. The WakeID is visible in various applications to teachers and students across the school system.
  • Parents may deny permission for their student to access technology and digital resources. You should select this option if you do not want your student to use a computer or other physical device or to access web-based curriculum tools.
  • Several mandatory state and federal student assessments are solely available over the Internet. These tests and assessments will be administered to ALL students. Temporary technology access for these tests will be granted for students who do not have a signed opt-in on file.
Please complete the Consent For Technology And Digital Resource Use form (file has both English and Spanish versions) and have your student return it to his or her school. Consent remains valid throughout your student's K-12 experience with the Wake County Public School System or until a new form is completed and signed by a parent/guardian and eligible student.