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Language Aquisition

At East Garner Magnet Middle School, we offer three second languages: Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and French. The primary aim of Language B is to encourage students to gain competence in a modern language other than their mother tongue, with the long-term goal of balanced bilingualism. Additionally, the study of Language B encourages a respect for and understanding of other languages and cultures and provides a skills base to facilitate further language learning.

Proficiency in a second language gives students access to a broader range of input, experiences and perspectives and the enjoyment of being able to communicate in a language other than their mother tongue. It is also acknowledged that learning another language greatly contributes to the holistic development of students and is believed to raise achievement in other subject areas.

EGMMS students enrolled in Language B classes will develop reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills of a second language through group work, communicative activities, projects and presentations. Students will gain a larger cultural understanding and appreciation of the language and the people who speak it.

Additional Information relating the World Language Essential Standards can be found at:

World Language Essential Standards

Language B Grading Scale

Class work (30%)
Quizzes (20%)
Tests (20%)
Alternative Assessments (20%)
Homework (10%)

The Language B Department PLT site is located here:
Language B
Or, in the course search area on Blackboard type “egmms” and we’re the third one down.