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Homework Policy

The major purposes of homework are to reinforce the classroom curriculum, to enrich and extend the school experience, to offer an opportunity for creativity, and to develop responsibility.  Homework is assigned according to the students' needs in skills previously presented, to reinforce and provide practice.  Homework assignments will be written down by the teacher or copied by the student.  The time parameters below are average times.  All children do not work at the same pace.
Average Homework Times 
Kindergarten                    Based on students' needs                                                +10 minutes of reading 
1st Grade                          10 minutes per night                                                       +10 minutes of reading
2nd Grade                         20 minutes per night                                                       +10 minutes of reading 
3rd Grade                          30 minutes per night                                                       +10 minutes of reading 
4th Grade                          40 minutes per night                                                       +10 minutes of reading
5th Grade                          50 minutes per night                                                       +10 minutes of reading
Special area teachers assigning homework (AIG, CCR, etc) will confer with the classroom teachers to ensure that time parameters are not exceeded.  Homework will be evaluated through class discussions, corrections, testing, and for monitoring progress in the specific subject area.