Grading Policy

  • Overview

    At Durant Road Middle School we believe that grades should be an accurate reflection of student learning and a primary way to communicate this to both students and their families.  We believe that behavior and work habits should be measured separately from academic grades and should not be factored into students’ academic grades. 

  • General Policy

    * The purpose of our grading system is to appropriately & consistently measure & communicate individual student’s level of mastery of defined learning objectives.

    * Students are expected to complete and submit work on time.

    * Parents are encouraged to actively monitor student performance by checking grades in Parent Portal at least every two weeks. Families w/o internet access may request grade reports from his or her student’s teachers.

    * Students will receive an interim report in each class at the midpoint of each quarter.

    * This policy provides students with the opportunity to receive credit for late work completed correctly; however, students will earn a zero when they do not submit an assignment.

    * Teachers will collect documentation of those students who consistently refuse to turn work in on time. Administration will address this issue on a student by student basis. 

    *At the end of the quarter/ semester, any student with a 54% average or below will be raised to a 55% for the quarter/ semester.

    * Student grades will not be negatively impacted by non-academic or non-curricular variables (such as no name on the paper, wrong size paper, no parent signature, etc.) except when items are specifically addressed in a rubric for a formal paper or project. 

    * All late work must be submitted at least 7 school days prior to the end of the quarter.

    *The student is responsible for securing make-up work. Per Board policy, students will have 2 days per day missed to make-up any assignments missed. 

    * Cheating is a violation of the WCPSS Code of Student Conduct & will be addressed through the DRMS discipline plan.

    * Teachers will update grades in the Power School system every 7 school days.

    * Non-Core Teachers (electives) will communicate their grade distribution calculations individually at the beginning of the semester.

    * Extra Credit assignments will not be offered.

  • Homework Policies

    The purpose of HW is two-fold:

    1 – to enrich & extend school experiences through related home experiences

    2 – to reinforce learning by providing practice and application

    Time Guidelines:

    * HW will be assigned on a daily basis as needed

    * Students may be assigned projects with deadlines several weeks away.  As a result, students may need to organize their assignments & work time to make sure they have completed their HW by the date due.

    * Per Board Policy, research-based guidelines indicate that students may spend up to 90 minutes on HW each night, except when studying for tests.  More time may be needed in advanced classes.

    * HW will not be assigned over holidays or over track outs.  However, HW may be assigned over weekends at the teacher’s discretion.  Long-term projects that span weekends, holidays, or track outs may be assigned to allow flexibility to families, but the due date will not be within the first five days of returning to school.

    Techniques Taught to Help Students:

    * All teachers will monitor their HW distribution & clearly communicate to students their expectations for HW

    * Assignments will be specific, within the student’s ability & have clearly defined expectations. Questions pertaining to the completion of a HW assignment will be answered & clarified.

    * make note of their HW assignments, due dates, & assessment dates in their agendas

    * work to create an organized system to turn in work that has been completed

    * advocate for themselves & ask for help if they are feeling overwhelmed when working hard on their assignments

    Teacher Feedback:

    * Students will be held accountable for doing their HW

    * HW will not be given as punishment or busy work

    *Teachers are responsible for documenting if students are not completing HW within Power Schools

  • Grade Recovery & Intervention

    * Students will have an opportunity to improve their score on a test or major project through a teacher-selected activity such as a re-test, test corrections, or an alternate assignment

    * Parents are required to sign & return interims for all students, but this will not be counted as a grade/ extra credit

    * Students failing a course at the end of the quarter will meet with the counselor, grade-level administrator and parents (in addition to the teachers) to develop an intervention plan/ contract/ monitoring system to promote future success.