About Our School

Apex Middle School

Grading Policy (2015-2016)


The purpose of grades is to appropriately and consistently measure a student’s mastery of defined standards, as well as knowledge and skills learned over a grading period or semester.

Grading practices are not to be punitive in nature.

Grading Scale

The grading scale used will be as follows effective for the 2015-2016 school year:

  • 90-100----A
  • 80-89------B
  • 70-79------C
  • 60-69------D
  • Below 60-F

Letter grades will NOT be displayed on report cards any longer.

Missed Work

Students will be expected to make up missed work according to their team’s or teacher’s make-up policy.  Points MAY be deducted for work that is turned in late.

Teams and/or teachers will determine due dates for all assignments and also establish a reasonable window of time to accept work past due dates, taking into consideration a student’s individual circumstances.  Deadlines at the end of a grading period will be determined by teams and/or teachers to accept work for partial credit.

Students will be given opportunities during “working lunch” or during Cougar Time to get caught up on missing assignments.  Students may also be assigned by an administrator to After School PAWS (ASP) or to the Cougar Den during the school day if additional time is needed to get caught up on missing assignments.

Extra Credit

We do not allow students to work for extra credit at Apex Middle School.  Students who need assistance to master concepts and skills receive that assistance through re-teaching.      

Purpose of Homework

  • The purpose of homework is to extend and enrich class work, and provide opportunities for the development of initiative, creativity, and responsibility.
No student shall be assigned more than 90 total minutes of homework per night.

Teachers assign homework to:

  • extend and enrich class work
  • meet a real need in the student's learning experience
  • provide opportunities for the development of initiative, creativity, and responsibility

 When teachers assign homework (practice) they:

  • thoroughly introduce the concept/skill and provide guided practice prior to the end of class so that students possess the skills needed to complete the assignment.
  • articulate the purpose of the practice and respond to questions and clarify expectations so that students clearly understand the purpose of the assignment
  • provide specific and timely feedback

Homework shall:

  • only extend and be related to class work
  • use only materials readily available to all students
Homework is not graded at Apex Middle.  Homework completion is tracked as a behavior on our PAWS (PBIS) planner card that each student uses. Students who have significant difficulties completing work will be provided with strategic intervention.