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Music at TCE with Ms. Michael



    Dear Parents,

    As our school year continues at Turner Creek Elementary School. We want to take this time to celebrate not only the hard work of your child but also the skills that they are developing through their musical experiences.

    The lifelong benefits your child will obtain through music expand beyond the classroom and are transferable to every other academic subject. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of music education, I would encourage you to visit:

    Mary Elliott Michael


    Upcoming Musical Events and Opportunities:


    TCE Music Sharing Time:

    It's Music Sharing Time! Your student is invited to share their musical gift with their classmates and me!  The time your child will share will be during their music special time. If your student plays the piano or guitar they are welcome to use our instruments at school.  If your child would like to bring their own instrument to school they must request permission from their classroom teacher and they will be responsible in the care and use of their instrument. Parents I have extended our music sharing moments for the next several weeks. I do not want to miss one marvelous musical moment!  


    Frogapalooza April 22 4-7 PM

    All TCE children K-5 will be performing in our musical "A New Day" for our Frogapoolza Extravaganza. Our musical presentation will begin at 4:15 in the multipurpose room. Please plan on staying and enjoying the entire day of festivities: our musical finale will be presented at the end of the evening. Please on stay "tuned in" for more specific details.
    Musical Dress Attire for all K-5 Students:
    Your child is welcome to wear clothing from their country, their ancestors county or any country they would like. Parents this does not include costumes only authentic wear from any country. Thank you for your participation.  


    You are invited!

     In the months of April and May your child will explore and discover how instruments are made. Please join me in the fun at home in constructing homemade instruments with your children!   We will share these homemade treasures in our music specials class on the following dates:

    Tracks 1, 2 and 4: April 24 -28

    Track 3: May 15 - 19

    I am looking forward in your child sharing what you’ve created together!   


    All of these opportunities are for all of our TCE Tree frogs!

Music websites

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