Entrepreneurial Design is the application of a mindset allowing students to be forward-thinking problem finders and solvers. Today’s entrepreneurs have other careers and job titles, but have taken their idea and made it a reality. As we prepare students for careers that do not exist, we need them to persevere, be creative, innovative, great communicators, and multi-talented. Through partnerships in Raleigh and beyond, students will engage in learning with the start-up community and understand innovative ways to help the ever changing world around them. A CONNtreprenuer uses the content they learn to identify a problem in their school, community, or around the world, and creates a solution involving a good or service, while learning from business and organizational partnerships. Students will hear from speakers, video conference with those experts further away, and participate in content based excursions to see how the content they learn is applied in the real world.

  • Entrepreneurial Design to encourage students to proceed with a growth mindset as they look to apply the content they learn in the classroom to the changing world around them

  • STEM application through Project Based Learning modules

  • Technology integration in all subjects to enhance and deepen student learning

  • Concentrated study through Focus Areas of visual arts, dance, drama, music, physical education, spanish, and computer science

  • Emphasis on community partnerships through video conferences, expert speakers, and content driven excursions
  • Project-based learning modules enhance hands-on investigation, inquiry learning, research and presentation skills.
  • Every module provides students with the opportunity to interact with community experts at school, on an excursion, or during a video conference.
  • School of Entrepreneurial Design students learn to effectively communicate ideas through direct instruction in listening, speaking, writing, presenting, and collaborating.
  • Beginning in kindergarten, Conn students participate in Spanish classes in an effort to become lifelong learners through exposure to the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Conn students also enjoy choosing and participating in Focus Areas, theme-based units of study in dance, drama, visual arts, music, technology, Spanish, and physical education, to hone their performing arts and athletic skills.