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  • Bring Your Own Device (Fifth grade only 2017-18) 

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  • Popular Devices

    • iPads
    • iPod touches
    • Smartphones
    • Laptops
    • Chromebooks
    • Kindles
    • Nooks
    • Android Tablets
  • Student Device Expectations

    • Students MUST have permission to bring a device to school.
    • Students AND guardians are required to sign the BYOD contract.
    • ONLY the owner of the device can touch it.  Friends and teachers are not allowed to touch.
    • Device is for instructional purposes only.
    • Laurel Park is not responsible for providing facilities to charge devices; devices are expected to be charged at home and put away after the battery loses its charge.
    • NO DEVICE ZONES: cafeteria, playground, bathroom, bus, hallway during arrival and dismissal