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Title 1 Information

Title 1 Information

  • Title I Literacy Intervention Program

    *As a Title I school, parents have the right to request information about faculty and staff members' credentials.  All Title I Literacy Intervention teachers hold an Elementary Education certificate and a Master’s degree in reading instruction.

    To make a credentials request, contact the school at 919.881.4960, or email Principal Katherine Williams,


    What is the Title I Literacy Intervention Program?

    Title I Literacy Interventions are additional, focused reading instruction offered to students who are achieving below or slightly below grade level in reading.  Title I Literacy Interventions are offered in addition to Core classroom instruction.  The Title I Literacy program provides supplemental reading instruction to students with intensive needs as measured by mCLASS Universal Screening assessments.  (mClass is a universal assessment screening that is administered to all students three times a year.  This assessment tool generates student reports that are shared with teachers and parents based on student achievement data.  These reports include interventions for both classroom teachers and parents to utilize.)  Title I Literacy lessons are designed to address foundational skills that students may be lacking according to Universal Screening and Digging Deeper assessment results (Names test, PAST assessment) or to front-load information that students will be learning in Core Literacy instruction.  All intervention resources and practices are research-based.

    A student would be identified for additional Title I Literacy services, according to mClass & WCPSS data.  This student would benefit from intense, small-group instruction, 4 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes in a pull-out or push-in setting. 

    Served students will be Progress Monitored by the Literacy Intervention Teacher and their Core Classroom Teacher. Progress Monitoring data will be discussed in PLT sessions twice a month.   Students will be Progress Monitored every 2 or 4 weeks, depending on their level of need (every 10 days for students in the red/ every 20 days for students in the yellow).  Adjustments to interventions will be made according to data and the TIPS process.  Students may exit the Title I Literacy program when grade level mastery is achieved and maintained according to Progress Monitoring, Universal Screening, WCPSS data, and teacher observation.    

     When Do Students Receive Supplemental Instruction?

    Students that are eligible for York's Title I Literacy Intervention Program receive supplemental reading services in addition to their Core classroom reading instruction during the regular school day.  Dawn Ward and Lori Creech are our Title I Literacy Intervention Teachers. 

    What Are the Benefits to Title I Literacy Intervention?


    • Lessons are designed to address individual student needs and to accelerate growth.
    • Progress in reading can be accelerated when clear, direct instruction is based on ongoing assessment.
    • Frequent collaboration with both the regular classroom teacher and the parent or guardian ensures maximum growth for each child.


    Parent Education Opportunities

    The Title I Literacy Intervention team has two Parents Are Connected (PAC) meetings per year in addition to Parent Education tables set up at Literacy Night and Math/STEM Night. The meetings take place in the evenings and child care is provided by the YWCA. Parents that attend can learn about techniques to help their students improve their reading and math skills.   The PAC Night dates scheduled for this school year are:  Thursday, October 27th & Thursday, April 27th from 6-7 PM in the Media Center.  More information will be sent home in your child’s reading folder!

    Title I Literacy Intervention Contact Information:

    Please email your child’s Title I Literacy Teacher directly or call the school’s office (919-881-4960) to set up an appointment.  If you already have a conference scheduled with your child’s Core Classroom Teacher, we will be happy to attend those meetings as our schedule permits.  Please request that your child’s teacher inform us about any scheduled conferences at least a week in advance.  To find out further information about the Title I Literacy program at York, please contact Ms. Ward.  Thank you!

    Dawn Ward, full-time Literacy Intervention Teacher =

    Lori Creech, half-time Literacy Intervention Teacher/half-time Cross Categorical Resource Teacher =



    Family Engagement Policy


    J. W. York Elementary School


    Annual Meeting

    All parents of Title I participants will be invited to attend our annual meeting on October 27, 2016.  At this time parents will be informed of our school’s participation in the Title I program, the requirements of participation, and the rights of parents of Title I students.   Attending parents of Intensive literacy students will receive handouts and materials for their children to use as at-home literacy resources.

    Flexible Number of Meetings

    Literacy teachers will offer PAC meetings during the evening (per parent requests gathered from survey results), on a variety of literacy and math-related topics.  Title I funds may be used to provide childcare, dinner, resources, materials, and other services related to parental involvement.  We will offer evening meetings linked to school-sponsored events (Literacy Night, Math/Science Night, Chorus Concerts) to best meet the scheduling needs of our parents.

    Parent Input in Planning and Review of Programs and Policy

    Parents will provide ongoing feedback to Literacy teachers through surveys, written and verbal feedback, and meetings.  Parents will annually review the Parent Involvement Policy and Home-School Compact at the initial meeting and offer suggestions for improvement.  Parents will also review Title I PAC meeting content and take-home materials and offer suggestions for improvement. Parent feedback will be used to guide changes in programs and policy.

    Providing Parents With Timely Information

    Parents will be provided timely information regarding Title I programs on a regular basis through Communication Folders, periodic PAC meetings, updates to the school’s webpage, the Remind app, and communication with teachers (conferences, phone calls, letters, and email).

    Description of Curriculum and Assessments 

    Progress is monitored through the appropriate assessments used by the Literacy teachers and classroom teachers.  Literacy teachers use the Benchmark Assessment System by Fountas & Pinnell, mCLASS Progress Monitoring probes, and “Digging Deeper” assessments as pre- and post- measures of progress in reading.  

    Literacy teachers provide monthly collaboration to classroom teachers to support the development of interim reports.  An interim report, completed by the classroom teacher, is a summary of assessment information and serves as a communication tool between the classroom teacher, parent, and Literacy teacher.  Literacy teachers also offer input at MTSS (formerly Tier III or Student Support Team) meetings and retention team meetings. Observations and anecdotal records provide additional evidence of the students’ progress throughout the year. 

    The standard for measuring progress is the Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts & Mathematics and the benchmarks established for each semester on CMAPP.  Parents receive curriculum overviews from WCPSS at the beginning of each academic year.  Benchmarks/proficiency levels are discussed at parent/teacher conferences and MTSS meetings.  Literacy teachers and classroom teachers will document student progress through the use of computerized data spreadsheets, quarterly benchmark assessments, Universal Screening assessments, Case 21 tests, EOG tests, and data collection at regional Title I PLT meetings.  ESL teachers monitor LEP students’ language growth using ACCESS testing. 

    If a student reaches the quarterly benchmarks in reading and writing (as established by WCPSS in alignment with Common Core Standards), the Literacy teacher and classroom teacher will assess the child using the appropriate mCLASS probes, Running Record, Retelling, and “Digging Deeper” assessments.  If the team determines that the child is successful in the classroom and believes the child can continue making adequate progress, the child will be exited from the Title I Program after the Literacy teacher and Classroom teacher reach agreement.  Parents will be informed and included in the teams decision during the “exiting process.”

    Kindergarten-Second Grade Literacy Participants use Letterland,  a research based phonemic awareness program and Early Connections, a researched based, balanced literacy program that contains word work, guided reading, and interactive writing components.  Third Grade Participants use Wildcats, a research based balanced literacy program which contains both narrative and expository texts.  Fourth & Fifth Grade Participants use Fast Track, a researched based literacy program that contains fluency, word work, and comprehension components.  The Literacy team also utilizes alphabet cards, white boards, fluency cards, magnetic letters, literacy games, strategy posters, online comprehension activities, iPads, chapter books, and poetry charts to supplement these primary instructional programs and to model best practices in the classroom. 

    Additional materials & technologies are used to supplement the primary instructional program and to model best practices in the classroom along with strong parental involvement take-home activities.

    Opportunities for Parent Participation

    Parents are invited to participate in the Title I Literacy program as stated in the School-Parent Compact. Parents will also be invited to participate in two parent/teacher conferences with the classroom teacher & Literacy teachers, but can request a conference at any time during the school year.  Parents may, at any time, request to meet with a Literacy teacher to discuss their student’s progress.  Upon receiving a parent request (note, phone call, or email), Literacy teachers will schedule a meeting with the parent within a reasonable amount of time (24 hours, if the teacher is not away from the building).

    Parents have opportunities to participate in Fall and Spring PAC meetings at York, Literacy Night, Math/Science Night, STEM Expo, and the Pastries for Parents event.  Parents are asked to provide feedback to evaluate York’s Title I programs and policies via surveys.  Parents are invited to visit and volunteer in Literacy classrooms.  Parents can reach Literacy teachers via letters in their child’s reading folder, email, or phone.  Information pertaining to York’s school-wide Title I program can also be accessed by parents on York’s website under the “Academics” drop-down tab.