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Carpool Information

  • •All traffic exiting school during carpool must turn right continuing to Apex Peakway.

    •All traffic heading north on Tingen should continue past school, turn left on James St., travel past carpool van entrance to Salem Village circle and to re-enter the southbound carpool line.

    Morning Carpool:
    •Start lining up at the "Stop Here for Carpool" area of the parking lot.
    •Wait until Staff Member signals the start of carpool.
    •Pull up to a waiting staff member or Safety Patrol student who will open car door and welcome your student to school.

    For safety reasons, kindly do not let your child out of the car until it is your turn at the drop off area. 

  • Afternoon Carpool:
    Instead of waiting to be called by one of our carpool staff and directed to the appropriate cone, your child will be asked to calculate which cone to wait beside using the 1, 2, 3, 4, cone pattern.

    •If your child is at the correct cone when you arrive, you will be given a Gotcha for your child by a carpool staff member. (A Gotcha is pare of AES's Positive Behavior Incentive System called PAWS. For more information about Gotchas and PAWS, click here.)

    •If your child is not at the correct cone, the carpool staff will help your child to recalculate. Please do not leave a gap in the carpool line but rather drive forward to the next available cone knowing that a carpool staff member will help your child to the correct cone.

    Helpful Hint #1:
    If possible, please have your child's car seat secured in the back passenger-side of your car.

    Helpful Hint #2:
    It is suggested that your child know how to buckle themself into their carseat as this will help streamline carpool. If this is a problem, please pull forward to the flagpole area to fasten your child's carseat.


    Thank you for your help and patience
    with the carpool safety rules.