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  • Our Leesville Stars were Shining Bright on Stage

    Posted by Ari Cohen at 3/9/2017

    A Full House Every year I am so excited that Leesville has inspired another acceptance into the annual WCPSS Showcase of Talent, Pieces of Gold.  Then, as I sit in the audience at the Memorial Auditorium in Downtown Raleigh, I am reminded about how utterly impressed I am by our Leesville Cubs and the courage to stand on the stage before a packed performance hall of almost 2,500 people.  

    As they performed, I Wanna Be Like You, from The Jungle Book, one would have believed that they were a professional Theater Company touring the area.  The confidence, and well, the PRIDE they demonstrated in their efforts only made me that much more excited for our May performance of our school musical.  I only hope that you all will be able to join us as well for this very exciting opportunity.Gifts of Gold

    While we are at it, I also wanted to congratulate another of out 5th grade artists, Our own Amelia Griffith, who earned a spot in the lobby of the auditorium for her painting

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  • Chess Reborn

    Posted by Ari Cohen at 3/7/2017

    65 Strong

     When Ms. Slock approached me back in the fall to ask for permission to re-start the Chess Club here at Leesville Elementary School, I was really excited.  I encouraged her to speak with members of the faculty who may be interested in serving as staff representation.  Never, in my wildest imagination, would I have guessed what would come next.

    More tough play With the help aTough rounds nd leadership of our LOGIC Teacher, Ms. Kim Guza, and our 5th Grade Math Teacher, Mr.
     Nick Simpson, our club now welcomes as many as 65 students per session.  They started with Chess for beginners and have since developed the program to field a small, home-grown tournament just last week.  I have h
    ad so mus fun watching our Chess Club meet and really discuss the game, the history of the game, and especially the strategy involved.  
    Well Casey, did you ever think it would be this big so quickly?





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  • Friday, March 3 - Oh, the Places You'll Go College T-Shirt Day

    Posted by Ari Cohen at 3/3/2017

    Oh, The Places You'll Go

    Tennessee, or... ... UNC Going Places





    All Around NC Hawkeyes Family

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  • Thursday, March 2 - Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss Thursday

    Posted by Ari Cohen at 3/2/2017

    Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss One Fish... ... 2 Fish

     If I Ran the Zoo... the Zookeeper







    The Grinch and her dog Max Where's Thing 1

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  • Wednesday, March 1 - The Cat in the Hat Weird Hat Wednesday

    Posted by Ari Cohen at 3/1/2017


    All shapes and sizes Twinsie Hats

    Homemade Hats Principal Hat

     Teacher Hat


    Mushroom Hat



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  • Tuesday, February 28 - Fox in Socks Crazy Socks Tuesday

    Posted by Ari Cohen at 2/28/2017

    Bat Socks Holiday Socks

    Super Spirit Socks

     Wacky Socks

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  • Monday, February 27 - Horton Hears a Who Wacky Hair Day

    Posted by Ari Cohen at 2/27/2017


    Wacky Hair

    Light It Up Hair  Check Out That Hair Hair in a Bottle Hair Twins Hair Ball Hair on High  Clowning Around Hair   

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  • Our Bunch of Leesville Elementary Know It Alls

    Posted by Ari Cohen at 2/25/2017

    The LES BoB Team

    The Championship LES BoB Team

    Leesville Elementary School was out in full force this past Saturday, as our own LES Cubs, their parents and families, all led by Ms. Annie Reed and Ms. Shannon McEnteer, came out to compete for the first time in Battle of the Books.  Our competition on this sunny and warm Saturday morning... York Elementary School and Penny Road Elementary School.  

    This was my first time at one of these contests and it was super exciting!  The students took the stage, two teams at a time.  Right from the start, both of our opponents seemed competitive with smart responses and strong retention of the 18 high level reads required by all participating teams.  However, from the first time that our students took the stage, I knew that we had it wrapped up.  In addition to the outstanding attention to detail demonstrated by our competitve reading Cubs, the students were clearly coached well by Ms. Reed and Ms. McEnteer, as they recognized the importance of strategy, collaboration, and amazing listening skills.

    By the end of the contest, it was the Leesville Rd. Elementary School Battle of the Books Team that came out victoriously on top.  The students, the coaches, the parents, and most of all, I could not have been more proud of our Cubs.  Once again, it has been demonstrated that The PRIDE Starts Here at LES!










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  • Teachers are Students Too

    Posted by Ari Cohen at 2/4/2017

    Engaged Students

    Engaged Learners

    To look at these pictures, one might think that this is just another standard day at Leesville... perhaps a morning meeting for a large number of faculty and staff to get together for some professional collabortation.  However, this was no ordinary meeting or workshop.  

    These pictures were just taken this past Saturday, Febrary 4th, when 45 members of the faculty and staff gave up their entire Saturday morning from 8 to noon, to learn how to more effectively teach our students and build math maticians to promote math reasoning skills.  This particular process encourages the use of bar models in order to gather line of information that allow for successful processes in math computation and reasoning, similar to a K-12 continuum of reading comprehension skills.

    Our presenter, Dr. Valerie Faulkner, a professor at North Carolina State University, help our attention through engaged instruction and meaningful, relevant learning topics.  In fact, throughout the morning, as I looked at the clock, I was surprised to note that 45 minutes passed. 3 minutes later, I look back up at the clock and was shocked that 90 minutes had gone by.  Then, looking at the crowd of teachers after 2 hours passed, there was no loss of energy... the group actually appeared more alive and charged.

    We were so lucky to have such an incredible opportunity to learn from one of the most accomplished and credible Math Educators in the country, and Leesville is so fortunate to have the type of dedicated educators, who are so committed to outstanding teaching and learning.  I am certain that we will see the impact of this meaningful opportunity.


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  • History Comes to Life at LES

    Posted by Ari Cohen at 1/28/2017

    History moves to the present In the closing days of January, our 4th Grade Students and Teachers took us on journeys through history through their Wax Museum event. Personally, I started my travels with the Wright Brothers, to King Tut, to Anne Frank, to Alexander Hamilton. My travels taught me of many other times, places, and significant events as well as the students presented their historical figures.

    A Time Traveling School It is a safe assumption that all of our guests to the 4th Grade Wax Museum were equally impressed with the final products that were presented by our young historians. The students really reached the high expectations set by their teachers in their research, in their writing and displays, and most of all, in their very entertaining present
    ations. I am already looking forward to our next opportunity for our Leesville Cubs, at any age and level, to show and demonstrate their learning in such a creative manner.


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