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Dismissal Procedures

  • Dismissal Procedures

    Unless we receive written instructions from you to the contrary, we will always send a child home his/her usual way.  Any transportation changes must be requested in writing by a parent or legal guardian.  Please send these notes in with your child in the morning.  If you have an emergency transportation change that you can’t request in writing, please call the school office prior to 2:30 PM.  Please phone the school office only in case of an emergency.  We’ll notify your child’s teacher.   Please don’t send an e-mail to the teacher during the school day to request a transportation change… he or she is busy teaching and might not read your e-mail until after dismissal.


    • If you find it necessary to check your child out of school early, please do so before 3:20 PM. Because of the large number of students we have preparing for dismissal each day we are unable to accommodate requests for early check-out after 3:20 PM. Individuals noted on the child’s locator card can only check out children.  Please bring a photo id with you when you arrive to check your child out of school.  For the safety of all our students, our office staff will ask to see an id before releasing a child to anyone.
    • Picking up in the carpool lane:  Students are dismissed to the multi-purpose room at 3:45 PM where the adult on duty will call their carpool number.  Please have your carpool number on display in your car.  Please help your child to memorize his carpool number, as it will help with the flow of carpool.  If you are late to carpool, after 4:10, you can come to the front office to pick up your child. 
    • Walkers:  If you do not use the carpool lane or bus, your child will meet you at The Map, at the front of the school by the flagpole, after walkers are dismissed at 3:45 PM.  During afternoon dismissal, please do not come to the lobby to pick up your child if he or she is a walker.  We ask that parents not park in the gravel parking lot and “walk” their children to school but utilize our carpool for dismissal to ensure the safety of our students.
    • Pick up by older siblings:  In order for an older sibling to pick a child up from school, he or she must be older than 14, must have a photo ID, and must be listed on your child’s locator card as having permission to pick up your child.
    • Children who walk or ride bicycles without adult supervision (grades 4 and 5 only):  If your child is a responsible 4th or 5th grader and will walk or ride a bicycle to or from school without adult supervision, please complete and return the “Walker Agreement” to school.  The section with your signatures will be laminated for attachment to your child’s bookbag.  Students without this signature card will not be permitted to travel to or from school without an adult.   

    We will dismiss at 3:45 PM every day except on these Early Release DaysAugust 19, September 9, September 30, October 21, December 2, January 20, February 10, and March 24.  We dismiss students at 1:15 PM on Early Release Days.