STEM Schools

STEM Schools

STEM schools enhance learning by having students create and manage projects, applying engineering design skills across all subject areas. Relevancy is key to the STEM experience.

STEM takes what students learn in the classroom and makes it real for students. This happens by giving students meaningful experiences through internships, job-shadowing and opportunities to work with and learn from each other. Embedding critical workplace skills into the classroom environment will benefit students after graduation by preparing them well for college or careers.  

As part of the STEM Collaborative Network, STEM schools commit to:


  •  Creating and using designated STEM curricular activities that have a project-based approach and that make real-world connections
  • Focusing student engagement around the skills of collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking
  • Integrating technology to enhance these skills
  • Forming business and community partnerships for student learning.  This can include:
    •  mentorships
    • after school opportunities
    • student and/or teacher field experiences
    • on-site student experiences
    • curricular resources
  • Collaborating and sharing best practices within the WCPSS STEM Network
  • Creating a communication and marketing plan to promote school-level STEM efforts
  • Using existing leadership and committee structures to spearhead STEM efforts


We are fortunate to have community partners dedicated to supporting our schools around STEM efforts.  They include:


  • Biogen
  • Burroughs Wellcome Fund
  • Cisco
  • Lego
  • Lenovo
  • LORD Corp
  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • North Carolina State University
  • SAS
  • The Engineering Place @ NCSU
  • Time Warner Cable
  • US2020
  • Wake Education Partnership
  • Wake Tech Community College


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Participating schools in the STEM Collaborative Network:


  • Aversboro ES
  • Brentwood ES
  • Brooks ES
  • Combs ES
  • Conn Es
  • Hodge Road ES
  • Kingswood ES
  • Lincoln Heights ES
  • Weatherstone ES
  • York ES
  • Carroll MS
  • Centennial Campus MS
  • East Cary MS
  • East Wake MS
  • North Garner MS
  • Athens Drive HS
  • East Wake HS
  • Knightdale HS
  • Middle Creek HS
  • Southeast Raleigh HS
  • Wake Early College of Health and Science HS
  • Wake STEM Early College HS
  • Hilburn Drive Academy (1 - 8)
  • Vernon Malone Career and College 
  • Root ES
  • Enloe HS
  • Young Men's Leadership
  • Young Women's Leadership