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Students encouraged to call new safety tip line to keep schools safe

Students can keep schools safe by sharing safety concerns using a new Wake County Public School System tip line. Continue Reading . . .

Drive Safely with Start of New School Year

Drivers will find students headed back to school when the Wake County Public School System’s traditional calendar schools begin the new year on August 26. Continue Reading . . .

Apex High wins Subway W8 2 TXT competition

Apex High students won the Subway W8 2 TXT High School Competition.  Continue Reading . . .

Severe Weather Awareness Week is March 3-9

The Wake County Public School System joins with the N.C. Department of Public Safety in encouraging families to consider their preparedness as part of Severe Weather Awareness Week, March 3-9. Continue Reading . . .

Police mentor students in after school programs

Strong community partnerships are an important part of preparing Wake County students for college and career. In one of those programs, law enforcement officers keep students engaged with a mix of fun activities, team building and academic incentives. Continue Reading . . .

Board of Education receives update on school safety and security

As the national conversation on school safety and security continues, school principals, district leaders and members of the WCPSS security team are taking every possible opportunity assure families, employees and the larger WCPSS community that our schools are safe and continued student safety is one of the district’s top priority.

Keeping Schools Safe

  • WCPSS has a comprehensive district-wide Emergency Operations plan to ensure schools, security, law enforcement, emergency personnel and district leaders all work together quickly and efficiently to handle any emergency situation.
  • Each school has its own emergency response plan based on district guidelines. Each teacher, staff member and student learns and practices his or her specific roles through two emergency drills annually
  • WCPSS continually reviews its emergency plans, working closely with law enforcement and emergency responders to update plans as needed to increase effectiveness.

In addition to these measures, WCPSS Senior Director of Security Russ Smith presented an update to the Board of Education on Tuesday, reviewing school security practices and presenting research and recommendations in light of the ongoing community conversations about school safety. Continue Reading . . .

A message from the Superintendent about school safety


Dear WCPSS students, parents and community:

Our hearts remain heavy today as we continue to extend our thoughts and prayers to the community of Newtown, Connecticut, in light of Friday’s tragic events.

I want to assure all families of the Wake County Public School System that safety and academic success are our top priorities for every student. Continue Reading . . .

For parents: Reassuring your child in times of crisis

The safety, well being, and success of our students are our top priorities here in Wake County.

Our hearts go out to the families and community in Connecticut who have been affected by today’s tragic incident.

In times like these, children may be worried about their safety and the safety of their loved ones. We encourage parents to view these helpful guidelines for parents from the National Association of School Psychologists.

Talking to Children About Violence (PDF)  [EN ESPANOL]

This is also a good time to review safety procedures with your child. Each school in the Wake County Public School System follows a protocol of lockdown procedures in case of emergency. It’s important for parents to be familiar with the procedures as well.

For parents: What happens during a lockdown?

Questions? Concerns?

Parents are encouraged to reach out to their school principals and administrators for more information about safety at school.

National School Bus Safety Week

Keeping students safe at the bus stop is a community responsibility. That’s why the Wake County Public School System uses National School Bus Safety Week, October 22-27, as an opportunity to remind all motorists to drive carefully around stops. Continue Reading . . .

For parents: What happens during a lockdown?

What is a lockdown?

A lockdown is a precautionary measure in response to a threat directly to the school or in the surrounding community. In a lockdown:

  • All school activities are moved indoors.
  • Depending on the type of lockdown, interior and exterior doors on campus are locked.
  • No one is allowed to enter or exit the building.
  • Parents may not come to the school during a lockdown.
  • Parents are also discouraged from calling the school directly. Additional calls hinder the ability of staff to respond to the primary task: keeping everyone safe.

There are three lockdown codes at WCPSS:

  • Code Red – used when there’s a direct threat to the school or in the immediate area of the school
  • Code Yellow – used when there’s a danger in the surrounding community, i.e. police searching for a criminal suspect in the area
  • Code Green – used once the lockdown has been lifted

How will I know if my child’s school is on lockdown?

Once a lockdown is put into place, police and school administrators work together to first ensure the safety of everyone on the school campus. Once the situation has been stabilized, a phone message, email and/ or paper letter will be sent to parents to inform them that the school was placed on a lockdown, the nature of the incident, and about how long the lockdown was in place.

In larger emergencies, such as a Code Red lockdown or lockdowns that affect numerous schools, WCPSS will take the following steps to notify you:

  • dispatch an emergency phone message
  • update the WCPSS Facebook page, Twitter account (@wcpss) and the WCPSS home page
  • notify and update the local media as the situation develops

Emergency phone messages are sent to phone numbers that parents have provided to the school. Letters are usually sent home with students at the end of the day, or the following day if the lockdown happened close to dismissal.

Why didn’t I receive a phone message?
Each situation differs in the level of severity and how it impacts the school day and families. For instance, if a Code Yellow Lockdown is put into place but is lifted after just a few minutes with minimal impact to the school day, your principal may decide he or she will send a letter home for information purposes. In other cases, principals will decide to send both an emergency phone message and a paper letter home.

In a more severe Code Red Lockdown, parents will receive multiple forms of communication. This could include multiple phone messages, as well as written letters after the fact. During a Code Red Lockdown, parents should also look to the WCPSS home page and the WCPSS Twitter (@wcpss) and Facebook accounts for the most recent information. Parents are also encouraged to watch or listen to local media for updates.

Parents: please ensure your school has your most up-to-date emergency contact information on hand.
In the event of a lockdown or other emergency, school staff will use that contact information to contact you. If you have not received a recorded phone message from your school during a lockdown, please check your contact information with the school.

Can I come to the school and take my child home?
During a lockdown, your child’s school is a secure area. School officials and law enforcement are working together to keep everyone safe, and no one is allowed to enter or exit the school. To ensure everyone’s safety we ask that parents please refrain from coming to school campuses during a lockdown. Once the all-clear is given, students and staff will be permitted to enter or exit the school again.