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As the Wake County Public School System continues to work on a new strategic plan for the district, we are asking the community to provide input throughout the process. In May, focus groups with numerous community stakeholder groups were held to gather information about the priorities for the district and our students. Continue Reading . . .

For parents: Getting ready for year-end tests


The last few weeks of the academic year means that thousands of Wake County students are starting to take exams to demonstrate all they have learned this year.

Parents play an important role in helping their students feel prepared.

How to help your student

  • Help your student keep a consistent sleep schedule for several nights before the test.
  • Encourage consistent and healthy eating. Make sure your student gets a good breakfast the day of the test at home or at school.
  • Exercise with your student or play games to help relieve stress or pre-test jitters.
  • Let your student know you believe in him and support him. Build his confidence by reviewing all he has learned this year.

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Wait list results now available

Wait list results were posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2014, in your online parent account. The wait lists will now be dissolved and your student will be assigned to the school indicated for the 2014-15 school year.

Please keep in mind that most available seats are filled during the application periods. Some students do get placed during the first wait list processing as seats become available. By the second wait list processing, there are few available seats and few students get placed.

Important Note: if a student is seated at a new school from the waitlist, their former school assignment will be relinquished. There will be no opportunity to decline the new assignment, and no guarantee that the student will be able to return to their previous school.

School wait list update: Removal deadline is Friday, May 16

Families with students on school wait lists should have received an important email update on Wednesday, May 14.

The Office of Student Assignment has good news: final wait lists will be processed two weeks earlier than originally scheduled—this means families will get their results sooner. Continue Reading . . .

Proctors needed for Testing Season

Proctor training for Central Services Administrators is underway and organizers are issuing the call for assistance.  Proctors serve an important role as an additional monitor who helps the test administrator to ensure testing occurs fairly and uniformly. Proctors are assigned by school Test Coordinators to assist during the administration of testing to all students in grades third through eighth and in high school courses for which an End of Course or NC Final Exam is administered. proctor 2

proctor 2Proctors are desperately needed during the last two weeks of school, as all testing must be given during the last 5 to 10 days before the last day of school for each calendar type, such as all year round tracks and modified calendar schools.

All proctors must attend a test administration training session and agree to fulfill the duties described.  Community members are also encouraged to sign up to proctor and are welcome to contact the schools of their choice to offer their time. Volunteers will be trained to serve as a proctor by the school test coordinator.   If an individual has not signed up to volunteer in our schools previously, WCPSS provides a volunteer sign-up process that is open on Mondays between 8 a.m.-4 p.m.  The sign up process for volunteers will end on May 19. If you wish to participate, please sign up by May 19th at:

WCPSS  staff who want to volunteer assisting schools auntitleds they scramble to prepare for end of year testing can receive proctor training provided by the Testing Office.  All WCPSS Central Services Administrators interested in supporting the schools and serving as a proctor can sign up for a training session in eSchools . If you are trained by the Testing Office, you will not need to be trained at the school and vice versa. Testing Administrators say it’s a perfect opportunity for everyone to come together to support our schools and our students!


The next scheduled training session is:

Where: Testing Office -Rock Quarry Road, Bldg. F
When: Tuesday, May 13, at 1:00 PM

WCPSS staff who are not available for the above scheduled training are encouraged to contact the testing office to schedule a training session email:





proctor 2

Board approves bell schedule changes for five schools in 2014-15

Five schools will have new start times for the 2014-15 school year to improve transportation times and efficiency. The Board of Education approved these changes at its May 6 meeting. 

Four of the school schedules will shift by less than 15 minutes.

Green Elementary School students will experience the most significant change, starting 50 minutes later at 8:30 a.m. The change is recommended due to new traffic patterns. In June, Green students will move to the Spring Forest Modular Campus on Spring Forest Road near East Millbrook Middle School while their school is being renovated. Continue Reading . . .

2014-2015 Single Subject Acceleration (SSA)

2014-15 SSA – Parent Session HandoutSingle Subject Acceleration (SSA) allows students to accelerate beyond their assigned grade level in English/Language Arts OR Mathematics.

Parents may nominate students for this accelerative practice ONLY within specified nomination windows. Testing will ONLY occur during specified testing windows in the spring of 2014.

Accelerative services will begin at the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

For more information, please refer to

You will find the SSA contact information for your child’s school on the site listed above. Parents are also encouraged to attend the information sessions.

Students who do not meet the criteria, transfer to WCPSS after the testing window, or are nominated after the spring 2014 window, will not be accelerated during the 2014-2015 school year.

2014-15 SSA – Parent Information Sessions > >

Board considers bell schedule changes for 5 schools in 2014-15

Five schools could have new start times next school year to improve transportation times and efficiency. The Board of Education is scheduled to make a final decision on any bell schedule changes for 2014-15 at its May 6 meeting.

Under a staff proposal, schedules for Durant Road elementary and middle schools, Kingswood, and West Lake elementary schools each would be changed by less than 15 minutes. Continue Reading . . .

June 2 and June 13 make up days canceled

The Wake County Public School System is canceling the June 13 make up day for traditional calendar schools and the June 2 makeup day for Leadership Academies and NCSU STEM.  View the complete make up day calendar.

WCPSS schools that have the minimum required 1,025 hours within their existing calendar will not need to make up any time, and schools that need to make up time to reach the 1,025 hours will work within their individual school schedules to regain the time. If a school needs to add time, options include shortening class change time, shortening lunch periods, or eliminating a non-instructional activity.

Parents: New information sessions scheduled on middle school math placement

During the months of March and April, many rising 6th graders will be working with their elementary teachers and counselors to make decisions about middle school math placement.

We have created an online resource to provide students and families with detailed information about math placement criteria, with options for higher or lower math placement depending on the learning needs and goals for the student.

There is also information about progression of math courses from middle to high school and supports that are available for students and families. For more information, attend one of our Math Placement Info Sessions, or contact your school counselor or submit a question via the contact form on the site. Middle School math resource site >