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Roy Williams congratulates student readers

UNC basketball coach Roy Williams congratulated WCPSS middle school students who read 40,000 books this school year as part of the Ticket To Reading Rewards challenge. 3,000 students from 10 schools took part in the challenge supported by college basketball coaches and General Parts International/CARQUEST.

Three WCPSS seniors earn 2014 National Merit Achievement Scholarships

Three Wake County Public School System students earned 2014 National Achievement Scholarships from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Continue Reading . . .

“Who’s going to College?”


The Wake County Board of Education continues its close look at a project that tracks the characteristics of students who attend college after graduation.

The project, titled “College-Going Diagnostic Results: Examining On-track Status through College Persistence in WCPSS,” shows Wake County students surpass state and national averages when it  comes to seamless enrollment, which means going to college immediately after high school graduation. Continue Reading . . .

Broughton students package food for Stop Hunger Now

Broughton High students raised the money and packaged the food for the Raleigh-based Stop Hunger Now program to deliver 100,000 meals to children in other countries. This is the second year, Broughton International Baccalaureate students led the student body in an international community service project.

WCPSS high schools seek to increase AP participation

Wake County high school academic staff discussed their efforts to increase student participation in Advanced Placement college-level courses with the Board of Education in a work session Thursday. Continue Reading . . .

June 2 and June 13 make up days canceled

The Wake County Public School System is canceling the June 13 make up day for traditional calendar schools and the June 2 makeup day for Leadership Academies and NCSU STEM.  View the complete make up day calendar.

WCPSS schools that have the minimum required 1,025 hours within their existing calendar will not need to make up any time, and schools that need to make up time to reach the 1,025 hours will work within their individual school schedules to regain the time. If a school needs to add time, options include shortening class change time, shortening lunch periods, or eliminating a non-instructional activity.

Wake County Schools are prepared to tackle suspension rates

Wake County school leaders are gearing up to keep the momentum going on a host of initiatives aimed at reducing suspensions, while continuing to ensure that schools are safe and orderly. Recently released data covering a five-year period from 2008-2009 through 2012-2013 specifically looked at suspensions of African American males and students with disabilities. While the report shows a decline during the first four years, suspension rates began to increase during the 2012-13 school year. Continue Reading . . .

Board studies budget, hears public feedback

The Wake County Board of Education held a 90-minute work session on the proposed 2014-15 budget Tuesday, voicing strong support for a plan that seeks to strengthen classroom programs and increase salaries. Continue Reading . . .

Board appoints new assistant superintendent

The Board of Education named Brenda Elliott the new assistant superintendent for Student Support Services at its April 8 meeting. Continue Reading . . .

Board of Education meeting outcomes – April 8, 2014

Board of Education meeting outcomes – April 8, 2014. (Download PDF)