Wake schools faring well in discipline, crime, and dropouts

A report issued by the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) demonstrates that Wake County schools are faring well compared with other NC school systems in managing discipline issues, campus crime, and reducing the number of dropouts.

The Consolidated Data Report was released on Tuesday, April 2, 2014, to the State Board of Education.

School systems are mandated to report any instances of 16 crimes to the state, including possession of a controlled substance, assault, bomb threat, possession of a weapon, and others.

Wake County has the lowest incidence of crime of the five largest NC school systems and one of the lowest in the state, when all grade levels are calculated. DPI reports Wake’s rate as 6.95 “reportable acts” per thousand students, lower than the state rate of 7.20, and down from the previous year’s 7.53. By comparison, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ rate is 9.89; Guilford, at 8.67; Cumberland at 10.19; and, Forsyth at 7.45. When narrowing the figures to high school, Wake’s rate is 12.63. Of the largest NC school systems, only Forsyth County Schools are lower at 10.77.

The report also indicates that Wake’s high school short-term suspension rates are lower than other large districts, with a high school rate of 16.18 per 1000 students. Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s rate is 39.95; Guilford, 20.66; Cumberland, 30.76; and Forsyth, 27.93. Long-term suspension rates (11 days or more) are not calculated by rate.

The Consolidated Data Report’s dropout statistics were calculated for the first time using the new student information data system known as Home Base or PowerSchool. According to the report released today, Wake experienced one of the largest decreases in dropouts of any NC school system at 29.6%. Cumberland County’s report indicates a 38.8% drop. Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s decrease was 3.6%; Guilford’s, at 1.6%; and Forsyth’s, at 19.4%.

The full Consolidated Data Report is here.

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