Parents: Everything you need to know about bus service for 2013-14

The Wake County Public School System encourages parents to use the new transportation website as a one-stop resource for bus routes, frequent questions, and customer service and support.

Parents are strongly encouraged to go online to locate their bus routes and stops before school begins on Monday, August 26. Old bus routes used in previous years are outdated, and bus schedules are no longer being mailed to homes.

Parents and students should also receive brochures prior to the start of school on August 26 alerting them to visit the new online resource. Families without Internet access are encouraged to contact their child’s school to receive the same bus route information.

WCPSS Transportation leaders are excited about the start of the new traditional school year and continue to make improvements to the system to address concerns. During the first few weeks of school, parents and students are asked to practice patience as bus routes stabilize.

Routes for traditional-calendar schools are posted online

Go to our Transportation website to review bus routes. Routes are updated regularly. Please continue to check routes prior to August 26, as changes may occur.

New phone number for parents

Those with immediate concerns can call the customer service telephone line at (919) 805-3030. Callers will be connected to an automated telephone service with prompts to receive appropriate information. Callers with emergency situations will receive immediate assistance. Parents should call this number if their bus has not arrived by the time the school bell rings. Please note: Prior transportation main office numbers and district office numbers are no longer operational.

For the fastest service, use Online Customer Support

The best way for parents to reach transportation is online. Here, parents may ask questions about bus routes, report a concern, report a missing item, and more. View the form. >>

Parents: Check your mailboxes for a transportation brochure

Every traditional-calendar parent will receive an English/Spanish brochure in the mail. Parents may also view the brochure online.

Important safety reminders for parents

WCPSS is asking motorists to observe school zones, remain alert and exercise caution at school bus stops in neighborhoods and roadways.

  • Parents and students should memorize their bus run numbers and stops. This information is important in the event of an emergency.
  • Parents should be present at their child’s bus stop to ensure the child arrives and departs safely.
  • If children need to cross the street to board the bus, teach them to wait until the bus stop arm is completely out, to look and listen to make sure all vehicles are stopped, and to cross in front of the bus.
  • Visit for more tips.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

What time will my bus arrive?

Parents and students should be at their bus stops at least 10 minutes before the bus is expected to arrive. Parents can anticipate their stop times based on the route start times published on our website, estimating five minutes between stops in suburban areas, and five to 10 minutes between stops in rural areas.

Example: If your bus route starts at 6 a.m., and your stop is the fifth stop on the route, expect your bus to arrive at approximately 6:25 a.m. You should arrive at your stop at 6:15 a.m.

Exact stop times will vary during the first weeks of school, as students become familiar with their routes and ridership settles. Students and parents should prepare for additional wait times during the ramp-up period at the start of the school year.

What do I do if my bus didn’t arrive this morning?

We urge parents to be patient as routes settle during the first few weeks of school. Bus routes may be extended by as much as 30 minutes as students become familiar with a new routine. If you have waited more than 30 minutes, you may contact your District Transportation Office online.

What if there are no stops near my house?

We encourage you to first review our bus routes section to find the most up to date route information for your school. Bus stops may be placed three-tenths of a mile away for elementary students, and half-mile away for middle and high students. If you cannot find your child’s bus stop, please fill out our customer support form to report a missing bus stop.

How do I find out if the bus is running off-schedule in the morning?

New this year, you may view real-time bus schedule updates on the transportation district websites. Locate your transportation office web page to view these updates.

More FAQs are available on our site.

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