Teachers and students share experiences on “flipped” classroom learning

Teachers at Durant Road Middle School and the Wake Education Partnership teamed up this month to highlight a teaching method many Wake County educators say makes them more effective, and helps their students better understand their classroom lessons. It’s called “flipping the classroom.”

Teachers record short video lessons and post them online. Students’ homework assignment is to watch the video and then come in to class the next day ready to ask questions and collaborate with their classmates to understand the lesson.

The videos allow students to move through the lessons at their own pace at home, and replay the videos if necessary. The short videos can also help parents learn the material so they can provide at-home help.

“I get to do more fun activities with my kids and I can have more one-on-one time with them and help them, and really meet their needs more than I used to be able to in a big classroom,” Durant Road teacher Kristin McConnell said.

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