Brentwood teachers receive new STEM tools

Teachers at Brentwood Magnet School of Engineering studied the use of digital data sensors in the STEM classroom thanks to teacher Emily Hardee winning a Fisher Science workshop drawing. Hardee’s luck brought Sean Nichols of Fisher Science Education and Robert Marshall of the Carnegie Science Center to the school on Tuesday. When Hardee’s name was drawn at the workshop, she won $10,000 worth of equipment and training from Fisher Science for Brentwood. Nichols brought NeuLog Neuron Logger Sensor kits for the school. Marshall led training for 18 Brentwood teachers, explaining ways to use the sensors and software to collect and analyze data for science experiments. Teachers will make STEM lessons come alive for their elementary school students using the sensors and software to record raw data and convert it into graphs, tables, text and video. Hardee leads the school’s STEM lab and works with teachers to design classroom instruction to challenge and inspire students.

Thanks to principal Ken Branch for sharing this story.

Robert Marshall talks with Brentwood teachers about using the NeuLog Neuron Logger Sensor kits given to the school.

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