Snow Make-Up Date Scheduled for Year-Round Schools

Tracks 2, 3 and 4 in our year-round schools will make up the day missed on Dec. 16 due to snow on Saturday, Jan. 22, 2011. Generally, the practice for year-round inclement weather make-up days has been to make up the day on the first Saturday following the week day the inclement weather takes place. When inclement weather takes place toward the end of the week, another date is considered to provide sufficient time for staff and families to adjust their schedules. Four-day weeks have been targeted for make-up days.

Due to the complexity of the year-round calendar and the early arrival of inclement weather, Jan. 22 was selected as the make-up day for tracks 2,3 and 4. The decision was based on having the least negative impact on families, students and staff, the opportunity to make up the day on a four-day week as opposed to a five-day week, and the ability to make up the day in the near future in case of additional inclement weather.

On Jan. 22:

Track 1 students and staff will not attend school. Some Track 1 classrooms may need to be utilized for schools operating at or above capacity.

Track 2 students and staff will attend school.

Track 3 students and staff will attend school and will track out on Saturday, Jan. 22 as opposed to Friday, Jan. 21.

Track 4 will track in on Saturday, Jan. 22.

While make-up days can be viewed as an inconvenience, we attempt to minimize the negative impact the make-up day will have on our families, students and staff. As always, our principals and teachers will ensure this make-up day is the best possible opportunity for families, students and staff while maximizing the use of instructional time. Thank you for adhering to the decision on the Dec. 16 make-up day.