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Board Committee Agendas for 11/09/2010

Board Work Session

Time and Place

3:00 pm - 5:15 pm in the Board Conference Room.


Board Calendar and Committee Structure

The Board will provide direction for staff. If the Board determines that changes in Policy 1300 and Policy 1340 are needed, the item will need to be placed on the Action Agenda.

Update on Project Enlightenment and RFP for Parent Counseling Services

Staff will provide information to the Board for discussion.

Information Regarding the 2011-12 Year of the 3 Year Student Assignment Plan

Staff will present information regarding the process and timeline for approval of adjustments to the third year (2011-12) of the three-year student assignment plan.

Capping of Enrollment at Forest Pines Drive Elementary for 2010-2011 School Year

Staff will present information for review and discussion.

Discussion Related to Process for Developing Student Asssignment Plan

Staff will implement the process developed by the Board.

Race to the Top Application

Staff will present information and to update the Board on the status of the application process.

Student Accountability Gateways

Staff will present information to the Board. Direction from the Board will be required to develop promotion and graduation standards for Wake County Public School System.

Cellular Services Provider for District

A presentation will be made for information and discussion.