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Board Committee Agendas for 02/16/2010

Committee of the Whole

Time and Place

12:00 pm - 2:45 pm in the Board Conference Room.


SS40: Review of H-6 Alternative Sties

Staff will present a review of the alternative sites considered as replacements for the current H-6 site.

SS41: Capital Plan Funding and Schedule Changes

Staff will present a broad overview of the action agenda precis regarding funding for PLAN 2000, PLAN 2004, and CIP 2006 and potential project schedule changes

LT8: 2010 N.C. Governor's School

To review the options to pay the required tuition ($500) for WCPSS students attending the 2010 Governor's School.

SS39: Recommendation for Changes to Policy 1800

Changes to Policy 1800 will be discussed.

SS38: Recommended Waiver to Sections of Policy 1300 Until the End of the Fiscal Year

Changes to Policy 1300 will be discussed.