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District 6 Board Advisory Committee

The current roster of the District 6 Advisory Committee is:


Name Represents Term Ends


Name Represents Term Ends
Marla Binker Millbrook Elementary 2017
Jennifer Boyer 2016
Cooper Bratton Root Elementary 2017
Amy Brinley Martin Middle 2015
Carmen Cauthern Martin Middle 2014
Jennifer Doertler Daniels Middle 2017
Julie Gilbert Martin Middle 2013
Melanie Haist Partnership Elementary 2016
Ellis Hankins Lacy Elementary 2015
Stephen Henley River Bend Elementary 2014
Cheryl Holmes Hibbs Stough Elementary 2017
Stephen Mangano Underwood Elementary 2017
Justin McCurry Brentwood Elementary 2017
Meredith Miller Daniels Middle 2014
Meredith Nelson Wiley Elementary 2016
Anne Scott At-Large 2015
Alice Spickard Carroll Middle 2016
Jane Story Broughton High 2017
Mary Jane Swecker Lynn Road Elementary 2013
Mrs. Shawn Winstead Joyner Elementary 2016