• Digital Collaboration Tools - Early Release PD 10-21-16

    What intimidates/scares you about student collaboration in your classroom?


    Padlet - https://padlet.com/wall/6a8evet35xuy
    Follow the instructions on the top left post from me to complete this activity.

    Tricider - http://www.tricider.com/brainstorming/3ZDAIKx5SlZCreate a post about your favorite Fair food - and reply with an argument to someone else's post.

    Stoodle - http://stoodle.ck12.org/class/580a17c51ddfe#
    Find a photo on the Internet that best expempifies collaboration in the classroom. Post it here.


    Practice - https://padlet.com/wall/ye3d08z8e61- Decide on a lesson you have coming up that you could integrate a digital collaboration tool into.
    - Make a posting on this Padlet and indicate the following in your post…
    - One to two sentence summary of lesson
    - Indicate what digital collaboration tool you could integrate
    - Indicate HOW this collaboration will help achieve instructional goal
    - Review others’ postings to see if you can cull any ideas for your own classroom

    - Complete PD survey http://bit.ly/2ejZFEK

Last Modified on October 21, 2016