• Lockhart Elementary

    5th Grade Supply List


    2 x packs of dry erase markers


    2 x 1-inch three ring binders


    3 x packages of ruled loose-leaf paper


    1 x package of gridded paper


    3 x one subject spiral notebooks (three different colors)


    3 x composition books (black, blue, yellow)


    2 x yellow highlighters


    1 x package of color pencils


    1 x package of color markers


    1 x stack of post it notes


    2 x packages of pencils


    1 x package of blue or black pens


    1 x box of gallon Ziploc bags


    1 x disinfectant wipes


    1 x large bottle of GermX or Purell




    Personal headphones or earbuds (to be left at school)


    5th grade wish list:  *you are not required to purchase these items, but the 5th grade teachers would certainly appreciate them!  


    Electric Pencil Sharpener manila folders pocket folders paper


    Colorful expo markers colored copy paper baby wipes post it notes


    Permanent markers glue sticks crayons scissors