• Ms Seawell:

      4 three-subject notebooks (Reading,Writing, Math, Science/Social Studies)

      4 packs of Ticonderoga pencils (NO mechanical pencils)

      1 of the 1-inch three-ring binders

      5 two pocket folders

      2 packs of notebook paper

      1 package of blue or black ink pens

      2 yellow highlighters

      1 package of colored pencils

      2 packs of 5 X 8 index cards

      1 pack of black dry erase markers

      1 dry marker eraser

      1 three-pack of boxed Kleenex tissues

      1 large bottle of GermX or Purell hand sanitizer

      1 large container of Clorox or Lysol wipes

      1 box of one quart Ziploc Bags            

      **BASE CLUB TREATS (30 decorative pencils, 1 large bag of candy, 30 pencil grips, 30 neon erasers, package of 30 stickers, 30 of anything kids might enjoy as a reward, etc..