5th Grade Classroom Supply List

  • The following is a common supply list for all 5th Grade Classes.  Your teacher will let you know if there are any other supplies needed for the classroom.

    Kleenex - 2-3 boxes

    Page Protectors

    Wide Ruled Lined Paper - 2-3 packs


    Dry Erase Markers (no washable or scented)



    Glue Sticks (several packs)

    Clip Board

    Colored Pencils (1 box)

    Pencils (2-3 to be shared with class)

    Eraser tops

    Colored pens (1 pack)

    Post-it notes

    Folders, binders, binder dividers and notebooks (check your teacher’s website for specific requirements)

    Fifth Grade Common Wish List:


    Magic Erasers

    Baby Wipes

    Zip Loc Bags (various sizes)

    Paper goods (plates, napkins, paper towels)

    Plastic Utensils

    Hand Sanitizer

    Post-it Notes (to share with the class)


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