3rd Grade Classroom Supply List

  • The following is a common supply list for all 3rd Grade Classes.  Your teacher will let you know if there are any other supplies needed for the classroom

    4—Marble covered composition book

    6—2-pocket folders without prongs (various colors)

    1 pack—Dividers with pockets

    4 packs—Wide ruled notebook paper

    Pencils—Unlimited supply (minimum of 40 to start year, mechanical pencils are acceptable)

    4—Colored pens

    1 pair—Scissors

    1—Pack of Crayons (no more than 24)

    4—Glue Sticks

    1—Zippered pencil pouch

    4—Boxes of Kleenex

    1—Art Shirt

    **Please see your teacher's website for additional, specific supplies for individual classrooms**


School Supplies