Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access the Internet?
    We will have a dedicated server for BYOD use. Students should use the WAKE-BYOD wifi network. You will need to search or add this network Your teacher can provide instruction on logging onto the school’s wireless network.
    When can I use my device?
    Beginning in December, students with signed BYOD agreements will be permitted to use their devices in designated classrooms based on teacher direction and discretion for instructional purposes. Device use is prohibited in the hallways, cafeteria, gym or in non BYOD classrooms. Students will be disciplined within the school discipline system for improper use of their device. Students may also use their mobile devices during these designated times – before school in the gym, and after the 3:20pm bell. Students must use headphones to listen to music and cell phones must be set to silent while on campus.

    What if I can’t get my device to access the school’s network?
    We will provide instructions on accessing the school wifi network but it is not the responsibility of the classroom teacher to “fix” your device. Your peers are sometimes the best source for troubleshooting technology issues.

    What if my device is damaged during the day or stolen?
    You are bringing your device to school at your own risk. Wakefield Middle School and/or WCPSS are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen devices. BYOD is a privilege and not a requirement.
    Why can’t I use my 3G/4G data plan during school?
    The wireless network provided by Wakefield Middle School/WCPSS has security and filters that make Internet access safer and more directed for learning. Students are required to use the school-based wifi if they choose to access their devices on campus.
    What if I don’t have a device to bring to school?
    BYOD is not a requirement at Wakefield Middle. Students will have access to computers, tablets, the Internet when learning requirements demand. While BYOD enhances learning, students will not be penalized for not bringing a device.

  • What type of device can I use?

    You can use…

    • A tablet, Nook, iPad, laptop, smartphone, etc. that can access a wireless server. Today most devices have built in wireless cards, but older models may need to have an external wireless adapter.
    • A device that will fit in a student locker for storage purposes.
    • A minimum of 1G memory is recommended in order to process materials found on the Internet. Dual processor level or higher.
    • An Internet Browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and/or Internet Explorer on your device.
    • If you don’t have a device available Wakefield Middle School will make all efforts to give you access to the Internet through a school owned device/ computer.
    • Students need to have permission to access the Internet and email. If a parent/guardian has previously signed a WCPSS document denying access to these than that student will not be able to participate.