• Support for Military Connected Students

    If an immediate family member is connected to the U.S. military, please complete and submit the form listed below.
    • Support for Military Connected Students (English)
    • Support for Military Connected Students (Spanish)
  • Community Service Information

    MYP Community Service web page
  • Personal Project Information

  • "CATS on TIME" Procedures and Consequences

    Cats on Time 

    • Any student tardy will report to the nearest sweeper station to receive a CATS on Time tardy slip to be admitted to class.

      Tardy Consequences

    • Any student tardy will report to the nearest sweeper station to receive a CATS on Time tardy pass to be admitted to class.   
    •   Students will be assigned consequences immediately upon receiving their sweeper passes.
    • Once a student accumulates 2 tardies (not per block but overall) they will receive an administrative phone call informing parents that their child will start to receive the following consequences when they reach the 3rd overall tardy:

    Tardy 3-4—One Day ASD

    Tardy 5-8—One Day ALC

    Tardy 9-12—Two Days ALC

    Tardy 13--ALC Plus 5 Days

    After 13 Tardies, students will be referred to their administrator.

    Tardies reset at the beginning of each quarter.

  • Setting Up and Using Student E-Mail

    Student E-mail Accounts

    Per Board Policy 2313 all students are required to use WCPSS issued e-mail accounts for all communications with their teachers. Eventually, this e-mail account will be necessary to log into systems such as PowerSchool.

    Student e-mail accounts were created by the Wake County School System, and login information will be distributed to students on Friday, September 20. When using email, students must observe guidelines outlined in the Student Code of Conduct (Board Policy 6410 and related Regulations and Procedures) and Student Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources (Board Policy 6446 and related Regulations and Procedures). You can find more information about Student Email on the WCPSS website under “Parents”

    Where Can Students Access Their E-mail Accounts?

    Students can access their WCPSS e-mail account from any computer at or from the link on the homepage of the Millbrook High School website at

    What If I Do Not Want My Child To Have A WCPSS E-mail Account?

    You do have the right to deny your student access to this e-mail account if you choose. Please refer to Related Board Policy R&P #6446 STUDENT ACCEPTABLE USE OF ELECTRONIC RESOURCES for instructions on how to deny access to an e-mail account:

    If you have any questions regarding this new policy please contact Ms. Ventura at